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We are a young company producing and designing neon. From our offices in Berlin and Copenhagen we play with the technical aspects, aesthetic features and cultural history of neon to test its unfulfilled potential. With a team that combines designers, artists, engineers and glassblowers, our work goes far beyond the mere manufacture of it: we are re-inventing neon as form of personal creative expression, an object of design and a contemporary art medium.Sygns was founded in March 2014 with the aim of filling that gap constituted of the processes of sourcing, communicating and travelling back and forth to neon glassblowers’ remote laboratories, which separates people from their dream neon art. Acting as an intermediary between the artisans and the client, sygns works to empower people to be able to design and commission neon signs, as well as to save the disintegrating craftsmanship of neon glassblowing.
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